Guitar Switches - Toggle switch for electric guitars

Guitar Selector Switches - Lever toggle switch for electric guitars
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High-quality guitar switches made in the USA by Switchcraft, Oak and CRL:

If your guitar selector switch is not working then select a brand new and top-spec. switch replacement. We offer all of the main guitar switch variants including the USA-made 5 way toggle switch commonly found on Fender Strat guitars, 3 way selector switch for Tele, 2 and 3 way slider switches typically found on Fender Jaguar and Mustang guitars as well as mini toggle switches for additional coil-tapping and series parallel wiring through to traditional Gibson 3 way toggles for Les Paul, ES-335 and many other models. 

When switch cleaner is just not cutting it:

- it's fine to use some switch cleaner now and again if the contacts on your existing guitar toggle are just a little dirty but over time and with continued use, you will find that your Strat selector switch or Les Paul 3 way toggle is going to wear out. This is the ideal time to replace it with a new one and for the very best in quality and durability, we always recommend selecting a new switch that is made by Switchcraft, Oak or CRL. These brands are normally found fitted as standard on high-end instruments like USA-made Fender Strat and Tele guitars as well as Gibson guitars. 

If you are not too confident with a soldering iron then we recommend taking your new selector switch and guitar to a local and qualified guitar technician who can fit the new switch for you, thereby providing you with many years of trouble-free pickup-selecting operation!