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Tone Ninja products are manufactured and designed in the USA and provide high-quality upgrades to guitarists everywhere.

Tone Ninja nuts and saddles are a significant upgrade that improve the playability, stability and tone of the guitar. 

Why Tone Ninja?

Tone Ninja nuts and saddles are manufactured from a unique engineering polymer that has been specifically selected to produce the exact characteristics required to create an outstanding replacement top nut and saddle set for your guitar. These characteristics are as follows:

  • High density - to ensure a very high tone transfer
  • Low friction - to avoid strings sticking and binding to increase tuning stability
  • Easy workability - to allow perfect custom fits
  • Wear resistance - to provide many years of usage without wearing out

History of the guitar top nut:

Top nuts have traditionally been made out of bone and then carved and slotted to suit the instrument. The main issue with bone is that it can be very hard to work and can be inconsistent and varying in density. Alternatives were various forms of ivory of which are now ecologically unacceptable.

As technology progressed, various different materials were used, including brass, graphite, low cost plastic - of which are still used on many entry level instruments and even some higher priced guitars, engineered plastics such as micarta, corian and Graph Tech's Tusq material of which is actually an injection moulding plastic called polyphenylene sulfide.

When selecting a material for Tone Ninja nuts, we wanted to improve on all of these materials detailed above rather than just imitate them and as a result, selected an acetal copolymer with glass fibre reinforcement (a detailed material explanation can be found here) because of it's high stiffness, low coefficient of friction and excellent dimensional stability.

Combine all of this with a product that is engineered, manufactured, tested and packaged all in the U.S.A. and you know that Tone Ninja parts will be the very best brand to use for your guitar.