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Strat Neck Woods

Maple is the staple for almost all Strat necks and there is good reason for this - strength, stability, and density. Eastern Hard Rock Maple is the most common variant and can be found in most bolt-on neck guitars. Maple is a common fingerboard material as well, and provides a bright, snappy tone.

Due to its density and stability, Mahogany is a common material for guitar necks; particularly glued in or "set" neck guitars. However, due to its porous nature it makes a poor fingerboard material.

Rosewood has long been in demand as a fingerboard material and supplies of good quality wood are becoming increasingly hard to find and therefore more costly. It's a heavy, oily wood that looks great, wears well and imparts a warm, complex tone.

Ebony is a very dark, hard wood, and makes an excellent long-wearing fingerboard material. It features a bright attack similar to Maple, but with more lows and mids. Some varieties are black, with others exhibiting prominent brown grain. The latter is commonly stained a uniform black.